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The Ideal Candidate
GOLDENHOME offers exciting franchise opportunities for aspiring proprietors. Start by assessing your priorities—being a franchisee is a full-time commitment. Our ideal candidate must be adept in all aspects of the business model so as to effectively maximize the return on investment.

Ultimately, the success of a showroom is dependant on elements such as design, marketing, sales, and service delivery. The GOLDENHOME franchisee is a leader, coach, and motivator. Your background should include prior experience in sales, marketing, or management. A personal drive for success is mandatory. Tasked with the establishment of working relationships between employees and customers, your role is pivotal in the prosperity of the franchise.

The GOLDENHOME advantage includes aggressive marketing campaigns. However, there is no substitute for hard work, commitment, and dedication. Our business model is founded on quality assurance principles that are designed for customer satisfaction. The ideal franchisee is able to maintain operational standards while drawing out the potential of his/her team members. The key to success is your desire, commitment, and determination to be successful.

Q: What is the prerequisite for becoming a franchisee?
A: Applications are evaluated on individual merit. Our evaluation criteria are as follows.
1. Owners are expected to conduct their business with a certain degree of independence.
2. Positive attitude and good people skills are excellent assets.
3. Must have sufficient capital to setup the business.
4. Must agree to undergo psychometric testing.
5. Long hours of hard work are to be expected. Willingness to work within the stipulations of a business system is essential.

Q: How does one become a franchisee?
A: Begin by downloading the Franchise Application from our website www.gh-kitchencabinet.com. You may contact us at sales@canc.com.cn. The completed application form should be forwarded to the GOLDENHOME head office via e-mail or fax.

Q: Do I become legally bound after submitting the application?
A: No. The application expresses your interest in the venture while providing us with basic background information.

Q: Is applicant data kept confidential?
A: GOLDENHOME protects your confidentiality. Applicant information will be in no way or form disclosed to a third party.

Q: What happens after the application has been received?
A: The application form is promptly processed and reviewed. Successful candidates are contacted for further consultation.

Q: What is discussed during consultation?
A: The meeting is kept informal and you do not have to prepare for anything specific. We will bring closure to your inquiries while providing more details about the franchise system.

Q: What types of expenses are there?
A: The primary expenditures for opening a new location include the franchise fee and the startup cost.

Q: What is the franchise fee?
A: The franchise fee goes towards project management, comprehensive training, compilation of legal documentation, etc.

Q: What is the startup cost?
A: The startup cost is the actual cost of establishing your business and may include expenses such as shop rental, interior renovation, advertisement, team building, etc.

Q: What is the average size of a GOLDENHOME franchise?
A: The ideal size for falls between the range of 150 and 250m².

Q: What type of training is provided?
A: Our training program extends for approximately one week and is broken down into practical (hands on) and theoretical segments. We can improve the proficiency of your staff within the span of 1 to 4 weeks. All training sessions are conducted at our corporate headquarters.

Q: What can I expect for my return on investment?
A: The return on investment is largely dependant on factors such as site location and your ability to adhere to GOLDENHOME standards/operating procedures. It is impossible to accurately predict profitability prior to establishment. While a 100% return on investment has been achieved within the first year by successful franchisees, it must remain clear that the franchisor provides no guarantee of this accomplishment. Please inspect the GOLDENHOME disclosure document carefully to familiarize yourself with its intricacies.

Q: What is a disclosure document?
A: The disclosure document contains highly confidential information about the GOLDENHOME franchise system. It allows you to properly assess the venture before entering into binding commitments.

Q: What requirements are there for the franchisee?
A: The franchisee is expected to operate in compliance with the GOLDENHOME standards of service, quality, and conduct.

Q: Do I need to establish a company or closed corporation?
A: Yes. Such an entity is required for entering the franchise agreement. It can either be Company (Pty Ltd) or Closed Corporation (CC).

Q: Is there ongoing support for the franchisee?
A: Absolutely. GOLDENHOME offers professional advice and support on subjects including product development, showroom management, sales & marketing, etc. We provide consultations on a regular basis to ensure smooth operations. Troubleshooting is available should problems arise. Qualified agents will keep franchisees up-to-date on the latest ideas, methods, products, and marketing techniques. Our assistance is meant to help inexperienced franchisees avoid common pitfalls and errors.

Thank you for your interest in our franchise. If you meet the aforementioned requirements and are motivated to become a part of the GOLDENHOME family, then please submit an application for consideration. We look forward to your correspondence!