Xiamen Goldenhome Co., Ltd.

Address: No. 190, Jihe Road, Tong'an Industrial Center, Tong'an District, Xiamen, China
Telephone: +86-592-5580361
Fax: +86-592-5580352
Franchise Information

The Ideal Candidate
GOLDENHOME offers exciting franchise opportunities for aspiring proprietors. Start by assessing your priorities—being a franchisee is a full-time commitment. Our ideal candidate must be adept in all aspects of the business model so as to effectively maximize the return on investment.
Ultimately, the success of a showroom is dependant on elements such as design, marketing, sales, and service delivery. The GOLDENHOME franchisee is a leader, coach, and motivator. Your background should include prior experience in sales, marketing, or management. A personal drive for success is mandatory. Tasked with the establishment of working relationships between employees and customers, your role is pivotal in the prosperity of the franchise.

The Flow Process of Joining a Franchise

1. Submit the application form
a. Target region, market analysis
b. Regional research, sales strategy
2. Consultation
a. Document disclosure
b. Understanding the business model