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    Fireproof Kitchen Collection

      1. Piano Music Style Elegant Kitchen Cabinet Its unique design not only effectively reinforces the cabinet, but also protects people from sharp corners and edges. This cabinet offers the light wood grain which demonstrates graceful and elegant taste. Moreover, the match of wood grain and dazzle white well reflects the elegant style ...
      1. Siementic I Style Classic Wood Texture Kitchen CabinetOur siementic I style classic wood texture kitchen cabinet adopts the novel planed wood texture which was launched on the 2010 material exhibition of Milan, Italy. The wood texture is a new breakthrough in the field of surface decoration. Its door panel is made of imported fireproof panel which does no harm to your fingers.

    Fireproof kitchen collection refers to kitchens which are mainly comprised of fireproof panels. Fireproof panel is a unique material manufactured from raw paper processed with melamine resin and phenolic resin. It is characterized by high rigidity, waterproof properties, chemical resistance, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, flame proof properties, as well as antishock and antibacterial properties. Because the pores on the surface are extremely tiny, this panel is difficult to be polluted. In addition to this, fireproof panel is eco-friendly without harm to the human body and environment.

    Our fireproof panel is a kind of surface decorative material with high durability, applicable to the cabinets or worktops in kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room, etc. Also, it can help to balance indoor air humidity. Door panel as well as side panel of our fireproof kitchen collection finely selects the panels with the thickness of 20mm. There are a lot of products with varied styles in our company and warmly welcome to choose.

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