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    Piano Music Style Elegant Kitchen Cabinet

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    Piano music style elegant kitchen cabinet fully stands for fashion, elegance, taste and art. Its unique design not only effectively reinforces the cabinet, but also protects people from sharp corners and edges. This cabinet offers the light wood grain which demonstrates graceful and elegant taste. Moreover, the match of wood grain and dazzle white well reflects the elegant style which enjoys a growing popularity in recent years and also is applicable to aircraft or high end car. All in all, our product will provide you an extremely safe and comfortable experience in the daily life.

    Handle: F06#
    Door panel: coming with the thickness of 20mm, the door panel is sealed with the same-color 1mm edge banding.
    End panel: of the same material as door panel with the same-color 1mm edge banding or thickened end panel of 60mm or 80mm width.
    Glass door: aluminum frame glass door
    Lamp panel, capping board, cornice: of the same materials as door panel and with the same-color edge banding
    Dimension of maximum door panel: 1220*2440*20mm

    Cabinet basic material: white melamine wood

    This cabinet has the functions of washing, food preparing, and cooking. With the adoption of aluminum alloy handle, this piano music style elegant kitchen cabinet is convenient to use. The surface is plated with chrome and keeps the high gloss shine after long term use. The tabletop is made of alabaster artificial stone which offers antibacterial, mildew resistant properties. C-shaped artificial stone sink is easy to clean. Additionally, the cupboard under the range hood uses the drawer-type design and is convenient for opening and closing.

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