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    Solid Wood Kitchen Specialist

      1. Positano Style Simple Wood Kitchen CabinetThe perpendicular four-edge frame is joggled with the core board. Gaps are left on the joint sites of the frame, enhancing the stereoscopic sense. The open painting craft highlights the natural wood grains and the unique solid wood texture. The panels with two colors are matched with copper-inlaid ceramic handles with hand-drawn patterns, producing a warm and plain feel.
      1. Sicily Collection Natural Style Kitchen CabinetThe core boards of the door panels are made by solid wood splicing technique and twelve exquisite coating processes. The two-layer coating represents the nature of the solid wood as well as makes up the shortage of splice solid wood, thus obtaining an optimal overall effect.
      1. Santa Rosa Series Household Kitchen CabinetSanta Rosa series household kitchen cabinet has a harmonious visual effect. The solid wood has strong humidity-adjusting ability. Its natural grains, color and texture give the kitchen cabinet a sense of validity.
      1. Sonia Style Classical Solid Wood CabinetThe solid wood frames are treated with exquisite coining. The wide-arc structures of door panels, glass doors, table panels, skirting boards, suspended cabinets, and the antique range hood cover represent the advanced Italian cabinet processing techniques. The arc of the door panel has an artistic visual effect and features high deformation resistance.
      1. Buckingham Palace Vivid Design Kitchen CabinetIt adopts Italian solid wood door panels which are imported with original packaging. The door panel finishes in antique white and gold and is the ideal choice for European style high end kitchen. The decorating components are finely treated, which is not only very perfect matched with the whole style, but also greatly enhances the grade of product.

    Solid wood kitchen adopts solid wood door frame, whose main materials are cherry, walnut, and oak. The door core is an MDF board with solid wood veneer. The veneer is in made into a concave and convex shape and spray painted. The combination of the frame and the door core ensures the strength of the door panel. Solid wood has merits of clear texture and high flexibility. It has nearly no formaldehyde emission and especially is suitable for classic and country style furniture.

    As a reliable solid wood kitchen specialist, we can offer quality cabinet that adopts natural log without secondary processing. Furniture with common boards has a lifespan of 3-5 years, while solid wood furniture has a lifespan five times of that. We add carving and lattice design to our cabinet product to give an enriched style. All the cabinet products are made of moisture resistant boards, which contain moistureproof particles significantly reducing the water swelling, so our cabinets will not suffer from deformation even if placed in kitchen in a long term.

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