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    Buckingham Palace Vivid Design Kitchen Cabinet

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    The Buckingham palace vivid design kitchen cabinet is a high end solid wood product of our company. It adopts Italian solid wood door panels which are imported with original packaging. The door panel finishes in antique white and gold and is the ideal choice for European style high end kitchen. The decorating components are finely treated, which is not only very perfect matched with the whole style, but also greatly enhances the grade of product.

    Handle: E19#
    Skirting board:  white painted aluminum skirting board
    Cabinet basic material: 18mm white melamine wood moistureproof board
    Column line end panel: solid wood column line + white matte painted thickened end panel, W=50mm, H=700, 900, 1400, 2100, 2275mm
    Lamp panel, capping board: white matte painted
    Cornice: H=95mm
    Artistic cabinet: 5# artistic cabinet, 6# artistic cabinet, white matte painted cabinet
    Bottom support: applies  6# artistic cabinet with size of 600(W)*120(H)
    Glass door: antique artistic glass door

    The Buckingham palace vivid design kitchen cabinet fully demonstrates the principle of color harmony. Door panel adopts Italian Birchwood with white painted surface.  There is a rectangle-designed frame marked with gold line in the center of door panel, which is perfectly matched with antique gold handle. This cabinet body is made of moistureproof grain wood meeting the European E1 Standards as Birchwood.  This kitchen cabinet is equipped with illuminating lamps. Thus, the tableware can be easily and conveniently put into the cabinet. The inner sides of all drawers are of the same color as handle. Insular table is made from natural quartz like Silestone. Also, the table uses the built-in antimicrobial technology, effectively reducing bacterial growth and greatly increasing the level of environmental protection.

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