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    Sonia Style Classical Solid Wood Cabinet

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    Sonia style classical solid wood cabinet adopts Italian imported solid wood door panels and Italian full automatic spray painting technique, which contributes to the low color difference, process stability, high color fullness, fine and smooth touch feel. The solid wood frames are treated with exquisite coining. The wide-arc structures of door panels, glass doors, table panels, skirting boards, suspended cabinets, and the antique range hood cover represent the advanced Italian cabinet processing techniques. The arc of the door panel has an artistic visual effect and features high deformation resistance. This Sonia style classical solid wood cabinet is finely furnished with cherry wood cabinet boards, wood grain laminates, aluminum barrier strips, supporting blocks, triangle laminate shelf, dustproof corners, skirting boards, etc.

    Handle: E13#, E14#
    Skirting board: wood grain aluminum skirting board (H80/120)
    Cabinet basic material: cherry wood color 18mm thick moisture proof board
    Side panel: the side panel has the same surface as the cabinet board.
    End panel: this series has no end panel.
    Lamp panel, capping board: same as the cabinet boards
    Cornice: of the same color as the door panels, H=55mm
    Fence: H=70mm
    Glass door: antique artistic glass door
    Arc-shape door: arc-shape wood doors, arc-shape glass doors

    This product is a U-shape cabinet integrated with food preparing, cooking, and repast functions. Each door panel of this solid wood cabinet is made of Italian high-quality board material whose thickness reaches 18mm. Each door frame is polished manually to form an arc as the transition between the center part and the edge of the door. All accessory parts including range hood cover, oven, faucets, and handles are selected meticulously. The outer housing of the range hood cover is made of off-white degreased laminates and the base is made of brown solid wood with 200mm height adjustment. In addition, the faucet is plated with copper and the bronze handle comes with white ceramics inlay.

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