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    Positano Style Simple Wood Kitchen Cabinet

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    Positano style simple wood kitchen cabinet adopts a simple door panel. The perpendicular four-edge frame is joggled with the core board. Gaps are left on the joint sites of the frame, enhancing the stereoscopic sense. The open painting craft highlights the natural wood grains and the unique solid wood texture. The panels with two colors are matched with copper-inlaid ceramic handles with hand-drawn patterns, producing a warm and plain feel.

    Handle: E12#
    Skirting board: wire-drawing surface, aluminum skirting board
    Cabinet basic material: #01 door panel –18mm cherry moistureproof board; #02 door panel – 18mm white melamine wood moistureproof board.
    Side panel: #01 door panel – cherry cabinet board; #02 door panel – flat-panel double-side solid wood veneer, solid wood sealing strip on the four sides.
    End panel: flat-panel double-side solid wood veneer, solid wood seal on the four sides.
    Lamp panel: moistureproof board, double-side solid wood veneer, coated with the same color as the door panels.
    Cornice: of the same color as the door panel, H=55mm
    Suspended cabinet: solid wood
    Artistic cabinet: 3# artistic cabinet, 1# wine cabinet
    Fence: H=70mm

    The door panels are made of Siberia maple wood which grows in severe condition and features high hardness. This product employs diversified doors including composite door, lattice door, six-grid door, and bevel wood-frame door. We mount lattice door for the sink to offer good aeration-drying. The cabinets on corners are equipped with rotary plug-ins. The open-door style drawer basket design improves the acceptance function. The warm white operation table is easily cleaned. The open painting craft exhibits the natural wood grains. The paint is directly permeated into the wood veins and thus hardly fades.

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