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    MDF Kitchen Collection With PVC Cover

      1. Orola Series Matte Finish Kitchen Furniture It adopts our innovative window-shape handles. The open cabinet is PVC on its both faces. The six-grid glass windows echo the handle pattern. The open cabinets and the side boards are combined for wine storage and exhibition.
      1. Zurich Style Classical Kitchen FurnitureThe 45mm ultra-narrow door panel frame design is quite fashionable, under the precondition of hole locations of the hinges and other hardware fittings and door panel mechanical performance. The drawer-type wine cabinet and the open base cabinet enhance the visual effect and represent a postclassical artist design concept.
      1. Athena Style MDF Kitchen FurnitureAthena style MDF kitchen furniture is in a typical simple European style achieved by the antique cooker hood cover, arc-shape suspended cabinets, and Romanesque side board arcade. The same-color aluminum skirting board is integrated with the whole kitchen furniture.
      1. Egypt Impression Classic Kitchen FurnitureEgypt impression classic kitchen furniture adopts German Renolit molded doors which features clear texture and sand-like concave-convex feel. The linear aluminum handle is of the same length as the door panel. Its surface is treated with bright chrome, well matched with the wood grain, producing an Egypt feeling.
      1. Seine River European Style Kitchen FurnitureThe door panels are treated with antique manual polishing. The verisimilitude of solid wood effect creates a dense nostalgic atmosphere. The glass doors, suspended cabinets, and decorations such as column line and cornice are collocated elaborately. The design of the wine cabinet meets the using requirement and enriches the shape style.
      1. Roman Time II Design Classical Kitchen FurnitureThe cornices, lintel boards, insular tables, fences, and pillars are all designed in a refined Roman style. The baroque carvings on the inner frame of the door panel are treated with iron-grey manual lacquering to achieve a stereoscopic effect. A twist-chain shape handle is furnished on each door or drawer panel.

    This kitchen collection adopts MDF board as the basic material. The surfaces of the MDF boards are treated with vacuum-pressure processes by special equipment and coated with three-dimensional PVC films with a thickness of 0.35 - 0.7mm.

    PVC-covered MDF features shape variety, strong stereoscopic sense, and ease of cleaning. The PVC cover has a rich variety in color and luster. This board material does not need edge sealing, thus avoiding problems for veneered boards such as adhesive failure and moisture absorption. PVC covered MDF enables the designs with various styles of our kitchen collection products, such as modern, European classical, and rustic styles.

    The PVC film is sucked onto the MDF board via glue spray by vacuum forming machine. PVC covered MDF is quite like solid wood. It can be made into products with various styles, well matching the overall kitchen environment. Its surface has good performance in skid resistance, wear endurance, and moisture proofness, especially applicable to kitchen.

    This MDF kitchen collection with PVC covered series product adopts aluminum skirting, which can maintain the cabinet stability in case of external impact. Aluminum material also has merits of washing easiness and good decoration effect.

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