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    Roman Time II Design Classical Kitchen Furniture

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    Roman time II design classical kitchen furniture adopts matte ivory door panels and black crystal marble table panels. The cornices, lintel boards, insular tables, fences, and pillars are all designed in a refined Roman style. The baroque carvings on the inner frame of the door panel are treated with iron-grey manual lacquering to achieve a stereoscopic effect. A twist-chain shape handle is furnished on each door or drawer panel.

    Handle: E08#
    Skirting board: beige aluminum  (H80/120mm)
    Cabinet basic material: white melamine wood 18mm thick moisture resistant board
    Side panel: 18mm thick beige side panel
    End panel: end panel or flat PVC end panel
    Column line end panel: PVC column line + flat PVC thickened end panel, width 50mm, H =350, 700, 900, 1360, 1400, 2100, 2275mm
    Lamp panel, capping board: made in the same way as the door panels or the side panels.
    Cornice: H=80mm
    Glass door: with a frame of the same color and material as the door panels, with cloth-grain glass embedded.
    Background panel: made from grooved flat panel by vacuum forming

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