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    Athena Style MDF Kitchen Furniture

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    Athena style MDF kitchen furniture is in a typical simple European style achieved by the antique cooker hood cover, arc-shape suspended cabinets, and Romanesque side board arcade. The same-color aluminum skirting board is integrated with the whole kitchen furniture.

    Handle: E16#
    Skirting board: #01 and #02 door panels are matched with beige aluminum skirting board; #03 panel with wood-grain aluminum skirting board.
    Cabinet basic material: #01, #02 panels – white melamine wood 18mm thick moisture resistant boards; #03 panels – cherry wood grain 18mm thick moisture resistant boards.
    Side panel: #01, #02 panels – single side PVC with the same color with the door panel; #03 panel –18mm thick moisture resistant board with cherry wood grain and same-color edge banding.
    End panel: No flat end panel
    Column-line thickened end panel: PVC column line + flat single-side thickened PVC end panel, width 50mm, H =350, 700, 900, 1360, 1400, 2100, 2275mm.
    Cornice: H=36mm
    Glass door: The frame is of the same material and color as the door panels, cloth-grain glass, glass couching.
    Lamp panel, capping board: #01, #02 door panels – single-side PVC with the same color as the door panel; #03 panel – made in the same way as the door panels or the side panels.
    Artistic cabinet: 3# wine cabinet

    This kitchen furniture is mainly an L-shape cabinet. The corner design offers a larger available space. The suspended corner shelf beneath the suspended corner cabinet can contain many goods. There are three panel styles for choice. The side panels, lamp panel, and the capping board have the same style as the door panels. The edge bandings all adopt the same material and grain. The sealing lines feature perfect straightness and smoothness. All cabinets are furnished with C-shape handles. There is a large table panels for washing, preparing, and cooking. The cabinets and drawers are able to contain all kitchenware.

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