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    Zurich Style Classical Kitchen Furniture

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    Zurich style classical kitchen furniture adopts a refined cherry wood film grain. The 45mm ultra-narrow door panel frame design is quite fashionable, under the precondition of hole locations of the hinges and other hardware fittings and door panel mechanical performance. The drawer-type wine cabinet and the open base cabinet enhance the visual effect and represent a postclassical artist design concept.

    Handle: E02#
    Skirting board: #01 door panel is furnished with wood grain aluminum skirting board (H80/120mm); #02 with beige skirting board.
    Cabinet basic material: white melamine wood, 18mm thick moisture resistant board
    Side panel: vacuum formed board (PVC) with the same color as the door panels
    End panel: end panel or flat single-side PVC end panel
    Column-line end panel: PVC column line + flat single-side thickened PVC end panel, width 50mm, H=350, 700, 900, 1360, 1400, 2100, 2275mm
    Light panel, capping board: made in the same way as the door panels or the side panels.
    Cornice: H=80mm
    Glass door: The frame is made from the same material as the door panels, with cloth-grain glass embedded.

    Artistic cabinet: 1# wine cabinet, 2# wine cabinet, 1# European style cabinet, 2# European style cabinet

    The door panels, side panels, lamp panels, and the capping boards of this kitchen furniture are all made of board material with the same grain. We offer #01and #02 door panels. #01 panel is matched with wood-grain aluminum skirting board and #02 panel is matched with beige aluminum skirting board. This model has a washing area separated from cooking and storage areas. The suspended cabinets all adopt glass doors furnished with wood-grain glass which features light transmission as well as opacity. The wine cabinet is in a drawer structure. Some of the cabinets are in open design without doors, offering convenience for access.

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