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    MFC Kitchen Supplier

      1. Grace Style MFC KitchenThe grey wood-grain door panels are matched with amber-feel tawny acrylic aluminum frames, producing a warm and tasteful atmosphere. There materials are all safe and easy to clean. The arc handles add sweetness to the kitchen. The super high cost performance makes this set of product a hot sale for years.
      1. Magi’s Gift Series Simple KitchenDoor panels with four colors are well matched to provide a simple and delicate environment. This set of product is dedicated for engineering order. It has an ultra-high cost performance.
        Cabinet basic material: 16mm thick, pitted surface, warm white. The depth of the suspended cabinet is 320mm (including the door panel).
      1. Armani Series Linen Texture KitchenThe door panels adopt flax imitation texture and fine grid grain. The dark grey and light grey colors and the T-shape metal design create a manly kitchen environment.
      1. Wood Story Collection Chipboard KitchenThe fashionable wood color grain offers a vitality feel. T-shape handles are furnished on the amber-texture aluminum-frame purple acrylic doors. The Germany imported door panel material features stable quality and environmentally friendliness.
      1. Bohemia Style Fashion KitchenThe door panels with two different colors are combined to produce a novel Bohemia feel. Fashionable stone green are matched with slate wood-splicing texture, emerging a unique taste.
      1. Siementic 0 Collection Beauty KitchenThis integrated cabinet body handle is our core technology. The mellow thickened end panels enhance the structure stability, eliminate acute corners, and produce a wholeness sense. Its unique wood grain and surface texture represent the current world trend.
      1. Mondrian Series Layering Design KitchenMondrian series layering design kitchen introduces a cubism mass block structure.Powerful red, solemn black and sober white conflict sharply in one space. The split-level structure produces a sense of opposition. A large-area background wall modifies the equilibrium feel of shape and color
      1. Swarovski Type High Gloss KitchenSwarovski type high gloss kitchen adopts refined glossy macromolecular composite board, emphasizing the surface brightness and smoothness. The fashionable color door panels are matched with double-color acrylic edge bandings.

    As a MFC kitchen supplier, our company supplies MFC kitchen which is a modern simple style product. It takes chipboard as the basic material, whose surface is covered with melamine soaking decorated paper and heat-bonded with a proportion of adhesive. This material features environmental friendliness, deformation resistance, bright colors, and wear and corrosion endurance.

    Our MFC kitchen adopts high-quality boards with high resistance to water, impact, and heat. There is an interval between the cabinet back panel and the wall to improve air circulation and prevent dampness. The base cabinet adopts dedicated imported aluminum front barrier strip to strengthen the cabinet. Our product is both artistic and practical. It has a strong reception function, able to take full advantage of the kitchen space. The harmony overall tone elevates the decoration taste.

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