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    Swarovski Type High Gloss Kitchen

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    Swarovski type high gloss kitchen adopts refined glossy macromolecular composite board, emphasizing the surface brightness and smoothness. The fashionable color door panels are matched with double-color acrylic edge bandings.

    1. Handle: E25#, E26
    2. Door panel: 18mm thick, sealed with 1.3mm double-color edge sealing strips
    3. Side panel: of the same material as door panels
    4. End panel: of the same material as door panels, 1.3mm double-color end panel or 60, 80mm wide thickened end panel
    5. Glass door: with aluminum frame
    6. Lamp panel, capping board, cornice: of the same material as door panels, sealed with 1.3mm double-color side sealing strips
    7. Cabinet basic material: white melamine wood
    8. Open cabinet: integral panel sealed with edge bandings of the same color

    Swarovski type kitchen cabinet is a new product full of modern flavour, represented by dazzling red, crystal white and absolute black. The imported 1.3mm double-color acrylic edge bandings give the glossy surface a unique double-layer effect. The E25# and E26# handles are exquisitely designed. The door panels are made of glossy macromolecular composite board to highlight the surface brightness and smoothness. Classic wood grains are embellished on the refined door panel, bringing about a fantastic visual effect.

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