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    Mondrian Series Layering Design Kitchen

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    Mondrian series layering design kitchen introduces a cubism mass block structure. Powerful red, solemn black and sober white conflict sharply in one space. The split-level structure produces a sense of opposition. A large-area background wall modifies the equilibrium feel of shape and color

    All door panels are Peleiderer integral panels imported from Germany, featuring strong stereoscopic sense and excellent anti-fouling performance. The inset handle (D08-A) has a two-end chamfering design. Its dark grey color and line-style shape contribute to a stately feel and a visual tension. There is a technical barrier in the handle surface treatment, so only a few factories are able to complete the treatment well. The fine horizontal linear grain on the door panels presents a solid feeling. The combination of horizontal grain and line-style handles gives a strong spatial outspread feeling.

    1. Handle: D08#
    2. Door panel: 18mm thick, sealed with 2mm #01 sealing strip with the same color
    3. Side panel: #01, 02 – silvery grey panel; #03 – beige color panel
    4. End panel: 2mm edge banding with the same material and color as the door panel
    5. Glass door: with aluminum frame
    6. Lamp panel, capping board, cornice: of the same material, with 2mm sealing strips of the same color as the door panel
    7. Cabinet basic material: white melamine wood

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