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    Siementic 0 Collection Beauty Kitchen

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    Siementic 0 collection beauty kitchen cabinet adopts the full length aluminum handles.

    This integrated cabinet body handle is our core technology. The mellow thickened end panels enhance the structure stability, eliminate acute corners, and produce a wholeness sense. Its unique wood grain and surface texture represent the current world trend.

    1. Handle: D11#, D06#
    2. Door panel: 18mm thick integral board sealed with 2mm edge banding of the same color.
    3. End panel: 18mm thick, with the same color as door panels, 2mm edge banding with the same color; or 60, 80mm wide, thickened end panel
    4. Glass door: acid-etched sanding glass embedded in an aluminum frame
    5. Lamp panel, capping board: 18mm thick, with the same color as door panels, sealed with edge sealing strips of the same color
    6. Cabinet basic material: white melamine wood

    Siementic 0 collection beauty kitchen cabinet is a new type product. A whole aluminum handle bar is mounted on the cabinet body. The groove between the door panel and the aluminum handle implements the drawing function. This design features both aesthetic appearance and safety, avoiding knock injury in children. The door panels are coated with imported wood grain veneer. A bar counter for two is set for breakfast or recreation. The base cabinet consists of two door panel groups and two drawer groups, offering convenience for storage.

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