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    Armani Series Linen Texture Kitchen

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    The door panels adopt flax imitation texture and fine grid grain. The dark grey and light grey colors and the T-shape metal design create a manly kitchen environment.

    1.Handle: F06#
    2.Door panel: 18mm thick, sealed with 2mm side sealing strip with the same color
    3.Side panel: Silver grey board
    4. End panel: of the same material, with 2mm side sealing strip of the same color as th door panel
    5. Glass door: aluminum frame
    6.Lamp panel, capping board, cornice: 2mm side sealing strip with the same color and material as the door panel
    7.Cabinet basic material: white melamine wood

    Armani series adopts flax-imitation texture and metal-feel grid grain. The end panel is finished with the same texture. The T-shape handles are simple and convenient. This set contains four suspended cabinets and four base cabinets. The horizontal structure design expands the kitchen space. The upper cabinets are equipped with BLUM tip-up tilt sliding doors. The lower cabinet corners are reasonably designed to be fully used. The base panel lamps of the suspended cabinets enable the operation in the evening. The three-layer wall shelf is made from the same material as the door panels.

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