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    Grace Style MFC Kitchen

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    The grey wood-grain door panels are matched with amber-feel tawny acrylic aluminum frames, producing a warm and tasteful atmosphere. There materials are all safe and easy to clean. The arc handles add sweetness to the kitchen. The super high cost performance makes this set of product a hot sale for years.

    1. Handle: B06#
    2. Door panel: 18mm thick, sealed with 2mm side sealing strip with the same color
    3. Side panel: 1665 is furnished with grey side panel; 3675, 6911, 6950 are furnished with beige side panel
    4. End panel: 2mm side sealing strip with the same color as the door panel
    5. Open suspended cabinet: a W450*D200*H100 suspended cabinet is optional.
    6. Glass door: aluminum-frame glass door
    7. Lamp panel, capping board, cornice: of the same material, with 2mm side sealing strips of the same color as the door panel
    8. Cabinet basic material: white melamine wood

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