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    Lacquered Kitchen Design

      1. Fifth Avenue Series Lacquered KitchenFifth avenue series lacquered kitchen cabinet adopts the match of pear woodgrain and clear lacquering, offering a combined style with both vitality and elegance. The clear lacquering features pure color, high gloss, smooth touch feel, and high cost efficiency.
      1. Siementic V Collection Matte Lacquered KitchenSiementic V collection matte lacquered kitchen cabinet adopts a berry black matte lacquering surface, featuring soft color, texture feel, and connotative tone. It is furnished with aluminum cabinet handles, aluminum door handles, and aluminum high container handles. The corners are in a smoothened safe design.
      1. Alps Series Kitchen (Matte Lacquered Cabinet)Alps series kitchen cabinet adopts matte lacquered surfaces which cause diffuse reflection and no glare, offering a self-restrained feel. The width of the door panel is 400mm and the height is 450mm. The proportion is 0.618. The handles have a bright chrome appearance in a square-in-square design.
      1. Waltz Series Lacquered KitchenWaltz series Lacquered kitchen cabinet adopts a gorgeous wine red lacquering surface. The raindrop-shaped aluminum embedded handles and the soft-curve door panels contribute to the feminine appearance of the kitchen.
      1. Fifth Element Collection KitchenFifth element collection kitchen cabinet is designed in a whole arc shape and finished with limousine baking varnish. The iron-gray surface gives a deep and sedate feel. The table and the door panel form a unique guide arc, which is mellow and humanized.
        This kitchen cabinet series adopts aluminum-frame glass doors and milling form lacquering
      1. Mediterranean Sea Style Modern KitchenMediterranean Sea style modern kitchen cabinet adopts a simple European style design, neither fussy nor humdrum. The clear and bright off-white door panels create a strong spatial sense. The golden-ratio rectangular handles enhance the visual aesthetic feeling.
      1. Siementic II Pattern Metal Lacquered KitchenSiementic II pattern metal lacquered kitchen cabinet adopts graceful golden brown metal lacquering. The edges of door panels are in an arc-surface design. The luxury wide-plank side box is made with a unique 45-degree side edge covering technique. The 78mm thickened table panel enhances the dignified feel.
      1. Siementic III Style Lacquering KitchenSurfaces of handles, skirting boards, and layer board lights are processed with grey treatment. The grey mellow arcs on the edges of door panels and ...
      1. Aegean Sea Style Fashion KitchenAegean sea style fashion kitchen features an elegant, harmonious, and comfortable design. The door panels have clear and smooth curves, strong spatial feel, and a harmonious proportion. The vanilla door color creates a warm atmosphere. The applications of thickened column lines, lintel boards, wineglass shelves, wine cabinet, and glass doors supplement each other.
      1. BOX II Series Quality Modern KitchenBOX II series quality modern kitchen adopts a “box style” design, properly combining black, white, and grey colors. It hides all function inside and simplifies the messy space, offering a relaxing environment. The 25mm thick door panel with six-sided baking lacquer obtains a decorous visual effect.

    Lacquered kitchen design takes MDF board as the basic material. The MDF board is treated with form milling and nine times of polishing and spray coating, and then baked under high temperature to produce the baking varnish board, which has extremely rich colors and can be made into all kinds of cabinet doors. It has advantages of beautiful appearance, moisture resistance, and easy cleaning. It is now the main material for upscale kitchen cabinets. The lacquered surface features smoothness and color uniformity, without any dirt pits, pinholes, sand marks, or orange peel-like appearance. The reflected image is clear and non-distortion. The corner sites have no paint accumulation. The coating is so complete and tight that the board will not expand after over one-hour's water endurance test. The environmental indexes of the baking varnish board meet the E1 standard.

    Kitchen cabinet is an integrated facility with functions of cooking, washing, storage, oil fume sucking, etc. Our kitchen cabinet products adopt boards with E1 grade and adhesive meeting the European highest standard. This lacquered kitchen cabinet is made of 18mm boards, thicker than the common cabinet panel, thus ensuring its good durability and moisture resistance. In addition, the hinges are treated with nickel plating to guarantee its beautiful appearance and rust resistance.

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