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    Aegean Sea Style Fashion Kitchen

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    Granite Sink
    Cooking Bench
    Platen Design
    20mm Width Column Line
    Artistic Cabinet
    Open Type Wine Cabinet
    Door Panel
    Glass Door
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    Aegean sea style fashion kitchen features an elegant, harmonious, and comfortable design. The door panels have clear and smooth curves, strong spatial feel, and a harmonious proportion. The vanilla door color creates a warm atmosphere. The applications of thickened column lines, lintel boards, wineglass shelves, wine cabinet, and glass doors supplement each other. The kitchenware and tableware are in an integral design. A sideboard and a bar counter are equipped, with both decoration and practical functions. Swarovski crystal handle is attached to embellish the door panel. The mesh-pattern acid-etching sand glass door is correspondent with the column line. The solid cornice, the wide column line, and the 21mm thickened door plate enhance the dignified sense.

    Handle: E20# double-pole crystal handle, E21# single-pole crystal handle
    Glass door: wood-frame, embedded with artistic glass door
     Skirting board: vanilla door panel is matched with beige aluminum skirting board (H80/120mm); off-white door panel is matched with white aluminum skirting board (H80/120mm).
    Cabinet basic material: white melamine wood, 18mm thick moisture-resistant board
    Side panel: vanilla door panel is matched with beige cabinet side panel; off-white door panel is matched with white cabinet side panel.
    Thickened column line end panel: lacquering goalpost + lacquering thickened end panel with the same color as door panel, width 50mm, H= 350, 700, 900, 1360, 1400, 2100.2275mm.
    Lamp panel, capping board: 21mm thick plane board with five-sided lacquering
    Cornice: H=95mm
    Artistic cabinet: 1# wine cabinet, 2# wine cabinet, 1# European style cabinet, 2# European style cabinet, wineglass shelf A, wineglass shelf B

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