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    Siementic III Style Lacquering Kitchen

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    <p>Siementic III style lacquering kitchen cabinet adopts vanilla-color table panel and door panels to form a simple and delicate space. Surfaces of handles, skirting boards, and layer board lights are processed with grey treatment. The grey mellow arcs on the edges of door panels and drawers create a strong spatial feeling. The back wall of the side cabinet and the outer surface of the insular shelf are coated with wood grain decoration. A 280mm-depth blue lintel wood open cabinet is equipped on the outer surface of the insular shelf, which is an innovative design. The inner lightened sanding glass layer board, the grey aluminum edge on the outer surface, and the aluminum edge of the lower cabinet are in concert to produce a strong linear effect.</p><p><b>Specifications</b><br /> <strong><span style="background-color:#E56600;">1. Handle: D11#, D06#</span></strong><br /><strong><span style="background-color:#E56600;"> 2. Door panel: 21mm thick, metal baking varnish</span></strong><br /><strong><span style="background-color:#E56600;"> 3. End panel: 21mm thick same as the door panel, or 60, 80mm thickened end panel (only 80mm end panel is attached with a handle).</span></strong><br /> 4. Glass door: not recommend. Aluminum-frame acid etched sanding glass is applied if necessary.<br /> 5. Lamp panel, capping board: 21mm thick, metal baking varnish<br /> 6. Cabinet basic material: rosewood</p>
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