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    Fifth Element Collection Kitchen

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    Fifth element collection kitchen cabinet is designed in a whole arc shape and finished with limousine baking varnish. The iron-gray surface gives a deep and sedate feel. The table and the door panel form a unique guide arc, which is mellow and humanized.

    This kitchen cabinet series adopts aluminum-frame glass doors and milling form lacquering door panels, whose thickness reaches 21mm. The surfaces have excellent performances in fineness, washing, moisture resistance, and flame proofing. The end panel, lamp panel, capping board, and cornice are all lacquered with the same color as the door panels. The baking lacquering has superb resistance against heat, coldness, and wears. Notice that do not put freshly washed tableware in the cabinet so as not to impair the product.

    1. Handle: F03#
    2. Door panel: 21mm thick, milling formed baking lacquering board
    3. Side panel: silver gray side panel
    4. End panel: 21mm thick, lacquered with the same color as the door panel; or 60.80mm thickened.
    5. Glass door: aluminum frame glass door
    6. Lamp panel, capping board, cornice: 21mm thick, lacquered with the same color as door panel
    7. Cabinet basic material: white melamine wood
    8. Handle length: 210mm, so there is no 200mm width door panel designed.

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