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    Waltz Series Lacquered Kitchen

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    Waltz series Lacquered kitchen cabinet adopts a gorgeous wine red lacquering surface. The raindrop-shaped aluminum embedded handles and the soft-curve door panels contribute to the feminine appearance of the kitchen.

    This kitchen cabinet product contains handles, door panels, glass doors, side panel, end panel, lamp panel, capping board, etc. The cabinet basic material is white melamine wood which features smooth feel, solid woodiness, and resistance to moisture, fouling, rust, and flame. The handles and door panels are rounded and smoothed to avoid accidental injury. The glass door is a piece of lacquering glass embedded in a wood frame. It has merits of easy washing as well as UV and aging resistance.

    1. Handle: D02#
    2. Door panel: 21mm
    3. Side panel: silver gray side panel
    4. End panel: 21mm thick, the color is the same as the door panel.
    5. Glass door: wooden frame lacquered glass
    6. Lamp panel, capping board, cornice: 21mm thick, the color is the same as the door panel.
    7. Cabinet basic material: white melamine wood

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