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    Siementic V Collection Matte Lacquered Kitchen

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    Siementic V collection matte lacquered kitchen cabinet adopts a berry black matte lacquering surface, featuring soft color, texture feel, and connotative tone. It is furnished with aluminum cabinet handles, aluminum door handles, and aluminum high container handles. The corners are in a smoothened safe design.

    The door panels of Siementic V collection kitchen cabinet is finished with 21mm thick matte lacquering to obtain water and moisture resistant performance. It does not need edge sealing and will not fade after use. The basic material is rosewood which features hard woodiness, clear texture, soft color, and functions of sterilization, deodorization, and insecticidal activity, which effectively guarantees the service life of the product. D11#, D06#, and F10# handles are furnished to offer convenience for users.

    1. Handle: D11#, D06#, F10#
    2. Door panel: 21mm thick, matte lacquered
    3. End panel: 21mm thick, same as door panel; or 60, 80mm thickened end panel
    4. Glass door: not recommended. If necessary, aluminum-frame acid-etched sand glass is optional.
    5. Lamp panel, capping board: 21mm thick, matte lacquered
    6. Cabinet basic material: rosewood
    7. Hinge: standard thickness

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