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    BOX II Series Quality Modern Kitchen

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    BOX II series quality modern kitchen adopts a “box style” design, properly combining black, white, and grey colors. It hides all function inside and simplifies the messy space, offering a relaxing environment. The 25mm thick door panel with six-sided baking lacquer obtains a decorous visual effect. The new-type handles are made by our exquisite processing craft. The low cabinet and the open cabinet create a new space for recreation and communication.

    1. Handle: D13#, D06#, C07#
    2. Door panel: 25mm thick baking lacquer
    3. End panel: 25mm thick, same as door panel; or 60, 80mm thickened end panel
    4. Lamp panel, capping board: 25mm thick baking lacquer
    5. Cabinet basic material: white melamine wood

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