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    About Us

    Xiamen Goldenhome Company Ltd. is a leading kitchen cabinet manufacturer based in China. Since our establishment in 1999, we have been dedicated to providing a relaxing and enjoyable kitchen environment for our valued customers. We offer a large variety of kitchen furniture and cabinet products that are lacquered, fireproof, solid wood, and more. We also provide an essential kitchen collection, which can incorporate kitchen furniture, kitchen hardware, kitchen appliances, and kitchen supplies. We can design any kitchen collection according to our clients' needs.

      1. Siementic V Collection Matte Lacquered Kitchen
      2. Siementic V Collection Matte Lacquered KitchenSiementic V collection matte lacquered kitchen cabinet adopts a berry black matte lacquering surface, featuring soft color, texture feel, and connotative tone. It is furnished with aluminum cabinet handles, aluminum door handles, and aluminum high container handles. The corners are in a smoothened safe design.
      1. Waltz Series Lacquered Kitchen
      2. Waltz Series Lacquered KitchenWaltz series Lacquered kitchen cabinet adopts a gorgeous wine red lacquering surface. The raindrop-shaped aluminum embedded handles and the soft-curve door panels contribute to the feminine appearance of the kitchen.
      1. Siementic III Style Lacquering Kitchen
      2. Siementic III Style Lacquering KitchenSurfaces of handles, skirting boards, and layer board lights are processed with grey treatment. The grey mellow arcs on the edges of door panels and ...
      1. BOX II Series Quality Modern Kitchen
      2. BOX II Series Quality Modern KitchenBOX II series quality modern kitchen adopts a “box style” design, properly combining black, white, and grey colors. It hides all function inside and simplifies the messy space, offering a relaxing environment. The 25mm thick door panel with six-sided baking lacquer obtains a decorous visual effect.
      1. Armani Series Linen Texture Kitchen
      2. Armani Series Linen Texture KitchenThe door panels adopt flax imitation texture and fine grid grain. The dark grey and light grey colors and the T-shape metal design create a manly kitchen environment.
      1. Seine River European Style Kitchen Furniture
      2. Seine River European Style Kitchen FurnitureThe door panels are treated with antique manual polishing. The verisimilitude of solid wood effect creates a dense nostalgic atmosphere. The glass doors, suspended cabinets, and decorations such as column line and cornice are collocated elaborately. The design of the wine cabinet meets the using requirement and enriches the shape style.
      1. Sonia Style Classical Solid Wood Cabinet
      2. Sonia Style Classical Solid Wood CabinetThe solid wood frames are treated with exquisite coining. The wide-arc structures of door panels, glass doors, table panels, skirting boards, suspended cabinets, and the antique range hood cover represent the advanced Italian cabinet processing techniques. The arc of the door panel has an artistic visual effect and features high deformation resistance.
      1. Buckingham Palace Vivid Design Kitchen Cabinet
      2. Buckingham Palace Vivid Design Kitchen CabinetIt adopts Italian solid wood door panels which are imported with original packaging. The door panel finishes in antique white and gold and is the ideal choice for European style high end kitchen. The decorating components are finely treated, which is not only very perfect matched with the whole style, but also greatly enhances the grade of product.
      1. Siementic I Style Classic Wood Texture Kitchen Cabinet
      2. Siementic I Style Classic Wood Texture Kitchen CabinetOur siementic I style classic wood texture kitchen cabinet adopts the novel planed wood texture which was launched on the 2010 material exhibition of Milan, Italy. The wood texture is a new breakthrough in the field of surface decoration. Its door panel is made of imported fireproof panel which does no harm to your fingers.